What is Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching

Many consider Life Coaching a profession. For me, it is one of the many skills I possess. How does Life Coaching differ from therapy and counseling? When people ask this question, I explain that if your life seems unmanageable you may benefit from counseling or therapy. However, if your life is mostly on track but not moving in the right direction or you’re not reaching your goals as quickly as you would like, you may benefit from working with a qualified coach. Just as a sports coach analyzes your physical performance from an outer perspective and guides you to a stronger, more enhanced performance, a life coach does the same, but the focus is on your life goals and values.

As a Certified Professional Coach, (CPC) who is highly intuitive, I can assist any individual who possesses a strong desire to change. That’s what it takes to achieve your goals and live the life you truly desire. Change is not always easy, but it is with it!

My coaching philosophy is to first look at what’s going right in your life. Then we determine what obstacles or challenges are keeping you from achieving your dream life. Once those obstacles and challenges are identified, we develop strategic, doable steps for overcoming them.

I help to create empowered, compassionate, and self-loving individuals who can confidently shine their light in this world.  I believe we need more people who can break away from the status quo and teach others how to live life by setting an example.

Helping individuals grow and encouraging them to reach for the stars is my commitment and purpose. Despite what you may have been told, you are amazing, and I promise to assist you in transforming your life through my one-to-one coaching, workshops, and courses.

I encourage you to take the first step and request your Discovery Session today. Let’s explore new perspectives and forever change the way you think, act, and respond to the world around you. You deserve the life of your dreams!

Teresa Bruni

Teresa Bruni, The Healer - Assisting individuals in healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually through discovering and dissolving fear, grief, trauma, heartache, and pain.