New Empowering Series

The Main Book—"Why You're Sick and How to Get Well: Revealing Everything Western Medicine Isn't Telling You"

Unlock the extraordinary potential within yourself for unparalleled wellness and healing. This book boldly unveils the shortcomings within Western medicine and fearlessly explores the entire spectrum of healing, leaving no stone unturned. It serves as a radiant guiding light for those in pursuit of authentic healing, even in the face of illnesses deemed incurable by conventional standards. Purchase at Amazon or Purchase at Barnes and Noble

Companion Workbook—"Why You're Sick and How to Get Well: Companion Workbook"

Elevate your health journey with over 130 interactive exercises, guided reflections, and personalized tools that seamlessly complement the main book. Take charge of your well-being, even in the face of challenging health conditions. Purchase at Amazon or Purchase at Barnes and Noble

The Resilience Journal

The Resilience Journal: Transcending Turbulent Times Through Journaling

Best #1 International Best SellerNavigating an uncertain world requires resilience.

This journal is dedicated to you, the extraordinary, resilient person who is navigating through this period of global change.

You, along with the entire world, are undergoing monumental shifts in the way you live life. We are all bidding farewell to the familiar while facing unprecedented changes and an uncertain future. The pages in this journal serve a dual purpose:

  • Firstly, to assist you in maintaining your health and well-being by tracking nine key areas that require daily attention to manage stress and promote good health.
  • Secondly, to document your experiences.

Journaling can help reduce stress and preserve your experiences for future generations, should you choose to share your journey. It's up to you and others like you to pass down this period of global change to future generations. While no two experiences are alike, all are significant. This journal provides space for ninety days of documentation, with extra pages in the back.

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The Nurses' Pocket Guide: Stress Relief Techniques for Use at Work and Home

The Nurses' Pocket Guide: Stress Relief Techniques for Use at Work and Home

This pocket guide is one component of the three-part program, “Caring for the Mind, Body, and Soul,” sponsored by The Foundation of FirstHealth’s Nursing Enrichment Program.

The program is designed specifically for nurses and other healthcare professionals, to help them manage the stress created by the intense, high-pressure work they perform. This book intends to provide stress-release techniques that are easy to use at home and work. As a bonus to doing these techniques, the care these professionals provide to their patients, staff, and families will also improve.
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{An} Unsinkable Soul: From Fear to Fabulous

{An} Unsinkable Soul: From Fear to Fabulous

"Nobody ever said life would be easy," pertains to everyone at some point. For some, it's a constant struggle against hardships like poverty, addiction, abuse, or trauma. Others are blindsided by sudden events like loss, divorce, or illness, leaving them feeling powerless.

"Unsinkable Soul" shares stories from 22 inspiring authors who have triumphed over life's greatest challenges, summoning inner strength and finding hope amidst adversity. These stories offer a roadmap for readers facing their own obstacles.

Change is inevitable, and life does get better with time. But summoning inner strength is crucial for taking that first step forward. Through reading and connecting with others' experiences, like those shared by Teresa Bruni, Founder of Less Fear, More Flow, individuals can find hope and inspiration to overcome their own struggles. Teresa's journey from chronic illness to purposeful living highlights the power of identifying and removing fears, embracing flow, and returning to one's authentic self.

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