How to Master Your Life

Master Your Life

What is a master? A master is someone who resonates with success. It’s a person whose mindset automatically attracts the right people, places, events, and opportunities, and the same mindset that allows the person to see opportunities where others see problems. A master takes on those opportunities with enthusiasm, and without fear. While each of…

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Why Do We Do That to Ourselves?


Do you have a habit of blaming yourself when things go awry? I know I sometimes do. I see this pattern of self-blame frequently when working with clients. When something happens that doesn’t fit their projected outcome, they look toward themselves first. I notice this in myself, too, especially when someone is unresponsive to my…

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Let’s Talk About the ‘B’ Word

The 'B' Word

Boundaries! The #1 personality trait that most people lack is healthy boundaries. It’s always fun when I begin with a new client, and I say with a big smile, “Now we’re going to talk about the ‘B’ word.” I watch as their eyes widen, and a look of curiosity comes over their face as they…

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Activate Self Healing By Listening to Your Body

Your Body Is Speaking.

Every single day, your body sends you all kinds of messages. Some of them we are eager to listen to, such as hunger, fatigue, tiredness, or thirst. Other messages we choose to ignore. And we’re not sure why our body is sending us these messages. Watch the video to learn more. If you’re ready to…

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Using Yoga to Beat Stress and Improve Your Life

Using Yoga To Beat Stress

There are so many methods to facilitate and maintain good health. Today, I talk with my fellow “Teresa sister,” Teresa Owen about the benefits of yoga. Teresa has been a student of yoga since 1997. Drawn to yoga as a way to find balance with the training rigors as a competitive athlete, she has found…

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Retirement Rebels

George Jerjian and Teresa Bruni

George Jerjian, mindset mentor for retiring baby boomers, invited me to be featured in his Retirement Rebellion blog. I shared my views on life, laughter, and retirement. Like me, George sees the world differently. He believes that, in the afternoon of their lives, boomers deserve to live a life of purpose and passion. Click the…

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What is Life Coaching


Many consider Life Coaching a profession. For me, it is one of the many skills I possess. How does Life Coaching differ from therapy and counseling? When people ask this question, I explain that if your life seems unmanageable you may benefit from counseling or therapy. However, if your life is mostly on track but…

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Autumn Equinox – A Time To Let Go

Autumn Equinox

As the leaves begin to transform into beautiful colors and fall gracefully to the ground, we are reminded that nature’s cycles are endless. Autumn is a time for letting go and releasing things that no longer serve us. This year especially, many people have a strong need to let go. It’s been a difficult and…

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Six Things Guaranteed to Zap Your Personal Power

Personal Power - Empowerment

Your personal power dictates whether you react to or respond to events and circumstances. A high level of personal power can guide you to achievement. A low level will create limitations in every aspect of your life. Your personal power is totally under your control, and it’s your responsibility to manage and maintain your power.…

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