Autumn Equinox – A Time To Let Go

As the leaves begin to transform into beautiful colors and fall gracefully to the ground, we are reminded that nature’s cycles are endless. Autumn is a time for letting go and releasing things that no longer serve us. This year especially, many people have a strong need to let go. It’s been a difficult and challenging year.

The autumn equinox also reminds us that it is the time to harvest. As farmers harvest their fields and gardens, we may also perform a personal harvest, looking at all we have learned since the beginning of the year. Some, who might be reading this, may have suffered painful losses due to the chaotic year we have experienced – from the loss of loved ones to job loss and financial ruin. These losses, however devastating and painful, can also be the opening for new things to emerge in our lives

Life can throw us some big curves just when we least expect them. All our plans get tossed to the side, and we’re often left standing there feeling emotionally naked.

But what if this was happening for you, not to you?

What if these changes were opening doors for you to step into something new? When working with clients regarding understanding conscious energy, I remind them to look for the opportunities. The ability to see opportunities makes the difference between leaving us devastated and hopeless to allowing us to bounce back and recover quickly.

Spiritually speaking, the autumn equinox gives us a time to acknowledge all the growth and expansion that we have experienced through this point in this year. Just as we clean up the falling leaves from the ground, this time of year gives us a chance to clean up anything that is not serving us and allows us to move into more significant expansion in our lives. The time to do this is now. I encourage you to go within and search for all that is not serving you and let it go. Make room for spiritual growth and expansion!

“Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.”
― Chad Sugg

If this year has left you at a complete loss for what to do next, I encourage you to visit my website and schedule a Discovery Session. Allow me to show you what’s possible as you move into the next season of your life.

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Teresa Bruni

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