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Are you ready for a profound health transformation? This is my most powerful program!

We'll embark on this healing journey together, and with me by your side, you will move through a proven process designed to immediately stimulate healing, allowing you to get your body and your life back under control.

Whether you've been recently diagnosed with a serious condition or you've been suffering for years, it's likely you feel stuck inside a body that has betrayed you. Being ill is difficult enough, but chronic health conditions often come with overwhelming fear, anxiety, and feelings of isolation that carry over into all other areas of your life affecting your relationships, career, and finances.

My program will get you unstuck and allow your body to recover. Your healing will begin immediately as you regain a feeling of control. Vulnerability, doubt, and fear will be replaced with self-awareness and self-confidence. You'll learn to manage all aspects of your condition including the effects it has on your daily life. You'll discover miraculous healing as you begin to identify and challenge the real issues that caused you to become ill.

My Program will allow you to:
• Start healing immediately by uncovering the true causes of your physical condition.
• Immediately reduce your stress by releasing feelings of vulnerability, doubt, and fear.
• Regain a sense of control over what is happening with your health.
• Accelerate your healing by learning proven techniques often ignored by Western medicine.
• Trust your body again by learning to communicate with it (maybe for the first time).
• Move forward with complete confidence in making all the tough decisions regarding not only your health but your life.
• Fast-track your recovery with a proven, well-rounded approach custom-fitted to your needs and abilities.

Getting well will become your priority when we begin working together. I will help you to remain fully focused and dedicated to achieving the results you desire.

Recovering Your Health is Only the Beginning!

After This, You Can Achieve Anything You Desire!

Why Choose Me:

Proven Results: Join countless individuals who have experienced profound breakthroughs and lasting change through our subconscious transformation programs.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from my years of expertise and dedication to your personal growth and well-being.

Global Accessibility: No matter where you are in the world, you can access our services remotely.

Unlock Your Healing Potential

Are you prepared to rewrite the script of your health and healing journey? Let's collaborate to remove the obstacles that have hindered your progress. Your transformative healing begins right here.

Get Your Life Back

Welcome to Less Fear, More Flow

Your Path to Subconscious Freedom

Are you feeling stuck in life? Are limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your full potential? At [Your Name], we specialize in the art of subconscious transformation, offering you a life-changing journey toward profound self-discovery and empowerment.

My Specialization: Subconscious Change

Unlock the hidden power within your mind and embrace the life you deserve. As an experienced energy healer, I specialize in the groundbreaking technique of PSYCH-K and other transformative modalities. These proven methods allow you to reprogram your subconscious mind, releasing old patterns, fears, and self-doubt that have been holding you back.

Experience the power of PSYCH-K as we work together to rewire your subconscious mind for success, joy, and abundance.

Limiting Belief Removal: Identify and eliminate deep-seated limiting beliefs that have been undermining your confidence and potential.

Energy Healing: Harness the natural energy flow within you to achieve balance, vitality, and inner peace.

Personal Transformation: Embark on a customized journey to uncover your true self and create the life you desire.

Why Choose Me:

Proven Results: Join countless individuals who have experienced profound breakthroughs and lasting change through our subconscious transformation programs.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from my years of expertise and dedication to your personal growth and well-being.

Global Accessibility: No matter where you are in the world, you can access our services remotely.

Are you ready to rewrite the script of your life? Let's work together to unlock your full potential and remove the barriers that have been holding you back. Your transformation starts here! Request your discovery session by clicking the button below.

Healing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.
Destitutus ventis, remos adhibe

– Latin Proverb

What My Clients Have To Say

While I am not one to quickly trust a person, especially one I have never met in person, Teresa broke down a lot of walls quickly and put my mind at ease. I had some faith she could help me with the skills I needed to move my career forward, especially with her ELI assessment which I still reference to this day. However, I still had my reservations there would be any impact on my health problem even as she said our coaching was primarily focused on that. I consider myself a highly rational person. I had never really been spiritual and I certainly didn’t believe there was a connection between mental well-being and physical manifestations of problems that may originate in the mind. I am happy to say that Teresa made me a believer that your mind truly has a greater impact on your health than you might ever know. To be clear, I thought our work together was just addressing limiting beliefs that were keeping me from moving forward in my career. What I discovered is that those same limiting beliefs were holding me back everywhere, from my career path to even my health.

Wendy's healingFifteen months ago, I started a virtual business while staying at home with my 2 toddlers – BOYS! The business is, now, successful; the boys are even busier! Life is crazy stressful. In many ways, it has been financially stressful, too, putting more strain on my relationships with my husband and my boys. The most important piece of this puzzle has been my health. It is quickly deteriorating. I don’t take care of myself or give myself space to breathe. Without feeling good, everything starts to feel like a grind. But… along came Teresa, Healing Guide and Life Coach. She is helping me get back to loving and being gentle with myself. She has guided me to notice causes of stress and how that has affected my health. We talk; she listens, guides and supports, shedding light in areas that I have never given consideration. All-in-all, it has been a very collaborative journey. And a short one – we have only been working, together, for about 6 weeks, and I notice my health improving DAILY. She uniquely combines her techniques to help me move forward, every day. As a coach, her natural intuition is shown in every conversation. As an individual, she is delightfully inspiring. I read her story in the book {An} Unsinkable Soul: From Fear to Fabulous – it makes me listen to her suggestions and insights, even more carefully because Teresa has walked in my shoes. Teresa has really helped me begin to create the health that I want for myself AND she has a very relaxed and comforting approach. I recommend Teresa Bruni for anyone in chronic stress. She is a life-giver!


Michael MathieuTeresa helped me save my life! In September 2016, I was in a really bad place. I wasn't sure if I had much more time left on this planet. My physical health was failing, I was feeling pretty hopeless, and emotionally I was a wreck. Through an interesting series of connections, I found Teresa. After working with so many people over the years, I found myself quite dubious that she could be the One that would help me shift from spiraling downward to spiraling upward. But I was desperate, and she looked promising...

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