The True Cause of Illness

Most individuals are not aware of how strongly a role stress plays in illness. Chronic stress depletes wellness and is the main cause of illness. Stress is responsible for up to 90% of chronic diseases. Additionally, stress drastically interferes with mental and emotional well-being. Another interesting fact is that conventional Western Medicine is almost completely focused on targeting the symptoms of illness rather than treating the source of the disease. The source in virtually all cases is related to stress.

A certain degree of stress is normal in everyday life. Chronic or long-term stress is where we run into trouble. When we are chronically stressed, the sympathetic nervous system is turned on and remains on for an extended duration. This leaves our bodies in a constant “fight or flight” state, a response intended to help us protect ourselves from danger. However, when left on for unnaturally long periods, it becomes unhealthy. The constant release of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol gives way for serious health problems. Additionally, research proves that undiagnosed and untreated traumatic events can cause the fight or flight response to get stuck in the “on” position. Over-work, lack of sleep, poor diet, and exposure to environmental toxins also stress the body.

Seventy-five to ninety percent of all doctor's visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.

How do you know if you’re experiencing chronic stress?

Chronic stress is evident by experiencing any of the following:

  • You feel like you’re constantly struggling to keep up
  • You feel tired and lack motivation
  • It’s difficult to concentrate and sleep
  • There is a feeling of hopelessness about your situation
  • You are constantly suffering from pain or other physical symptoms

Genes are Not Your Destiny

Stress is the Real Killer! It's a well-known fact that stress causes illness. Unfortunately, illness also causes stress. Even though the body has broken down to the point of manifesting illness, it's not too late to uncover the blocks that caused the stress and are in the way of recovery. This is an essential step toward achieving recovery.



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