Summer Solstice – It’s Not Just a Day. It’s a Powerful Season for Personal and Global Growth

Summer Solstice 2021
©Teresa Bruni, The Healer. Taken at the Light Center, Black Mountain, North Carolina, on June 20, 2021

Immediately following the long and sometimes hard Winter, we rejoice in the coming of Spring as we watch the trees and plants seemingly come back to life. We plant our seeds both literally and metaphorically by starting new projects and embarking on new beginnings. Then, the Summer Solstice arrives, pouring sunshine all over our world. 

This year, the Summer Solstice began in the northern hemisphere at 11:31 PM EDT on June 20th, and ninety days later, the Autumn Equinox begins representing a time of bountiful harvests. The Summer Solstice finally surrenders itself to the Winter Solstice on December 21st.

The Summer Solstice is not just the longest day of the year. It’s the beginning of a season that embodies the most incredible bounty, abundance, and beauty of the year! Sadly, in these modern times, as we walk in and out of our modern buildings and travel on our elaborate transportation systems, we’ve forgotten the power and purpose of this enchanted season.

Ancient civilizations celebrated this sacred time with elaborate festivals and ceremonies. Monuments were designed to align with the sun during this consecrated event. They knew that the cycles of the sun represent the cycles of life for all creatures and reflect the natural flow of energy transitioning inward and outward.

The Solstice Represents Prosperity, Fulfillment, and the Light of Love

The Summer Solstice invites us to pause and reflect, finding the sustenance required to change, expand, and evolve. It is a time to allow the energy of Spring to burst into full bloom. It’s the time for growing, learning, detaching, and pausing. It is a powerful cycle to honor. 

The brightness of the Summer Solstice reminds us of the light within us and of our powerful potential to create conscious change and awakening on our planet. And we need this awakening now more than ever.

It’s time to grow our passions in all ways – spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and with loved ones. And to fully embrace everything we love about life.

The Solstice provides us with an opportunity to surrender and release everything else – all obsessions over irrelevant details, struggles, and stressors. Instead, celebrate and give yourself up to the love, light, and joy of your earthly existence while the sun is bright and our days are long! Rejoice in the power of this special season of growth.

A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows. ― St. Francis of Assisi

There is still time to partake in this magical season. It has just begun! Embrace this time of celebration, growth, abundance, and light. Set your intentions for what you want to harvest this fall and watch it grow.

In love and light of the season,

Teresa Bruni, The Healer

Teresa Bruni

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