Relax! Here’s Your Visual Escape

I am The Healer at Less Fear, More Flow and I am very passionate about my work as I help clients discover and remove the blocks that hold them back from achieving the life of their dreams.

I believe that every one of us deserves to live our very best life and to have all of our dreams come true! I work with individuals and heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Photography is my favorite hobby. I also enjoy cooking, gardening, and keeping myself well informed on ways to shift consciousness.

In addition to the bookcases in my office, I also have well over 100 audiobooks. I am thirsty for knowledge that can help me transform lives.

I believe that THERE ARE NO SECRETS. All the knowledge and wisdom we seek is accessible to everyone.

I received many comments on my photography so I’ve put together this video with some of my best shots for you.

Feel free to LIKE this video. đź‘Ť And I’d love to hear your comments too. Which picture was your favorite?

You can refer back to this video anytime you’re feeling stressed, and you’d like to take a visual escape. Thank you for watching!

Teresa Bruni

Teresa Bruni, The Healer - Assisting individuals in healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually through discovering and dissolving fear, grief, trauma, heartache, and pain.