Unlock Your Inner Power With PSYCH-K

We talk with Teresa Bruni, a gifted healer and expert in PSYCH-K. Teresa has devoted her career to helping people tap into their inner power and transform their lives through the power of the mind. With many years of experience in the field, she has helped countless individuals overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and negative thought…

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Energy Healing and How it Works

Energy healing and How It Works

Shannon Heigle, Energy Therapy Practitioner and Life Coach, and I discuss the power of energy healing and share the different energy healing modalities we incorporate in our practices. Download my free 38-page eCourse by visiting this page. Request a complimentary Aura scan by visiting this page.

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What is Your Emotional Identity?

Our emotions change throughout the day, going up and down like the stock market. And they can shift instantaneously. Imagine for a moment walking happily across the room and suddenly stubbing your toe. Your energy plummets instantly. Your perceptual lens immediately closes down, and your focus goes directly to the pain. It’s possible to experience…

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