What People Are Saying About The Resilience Journal

Never could I have imagined the impact of being ordered by my government to stay home would have on my emotional well-being. I thought I was going to lose my mind! The resilience Journal arrived just in time! The daily practice of measuring the nine key areas really helps me to stay balanced. I love my journal!

— Nancy, Pennsylvania, USA

I was given the journal as a gift by a trusted friend so I decided to give it a try. I've never journaled in my life. I'm amazed at how it helps to relieve my stress. I live in New Jersey near NYC, and it's very stressful here. Now that I've learned how valuable journaling can be I will probably continue when this crisis is over.

— Peter, Jersey City, NJ, USA

I am journaling with my daughter and my son. Our intention is to hand these journals down to future generations so that they can understand the sacrifices mankind had to go through in order for this worldwide shift to happen. I'm really happy that the journal comes in hard copy because I think that it will survive the test of time.

— JS, Oregon, USA

Five stars into thumbs up! I'm glad I was able to get the digital version because of the delays Amazon is having. I can start journaling with the digital workbook and when my hard copy comes, I can print those pages out and put them inside. The journal has already helped me become more focused and less stressed.

— Aida, Italy

My journal is already tear-stained. I live in one of the hardest hits areas in the country and as of April 10th, I have lost both a cousin and a childhood friend to COVID-19. I could never have imagined that my life could be turned upside down in a matter of weeks. Journaling has been extremely helpful. It's like having my own personal therapist who understands everything that makes me tick. I am grateful.

AO, Detroit, MI, USA